by Obverse

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released March 24, 2016

Music and lyrics by James Davis and Matt Phillippo.

Engineered & mixed by Derek Lamoreaux in James' and Derek's houses. Saxophones, guest vocals, hand percussion and electric oud recorded by Mac Ritchey at Possum Hall Studios. Vocals recorded by Anthony Simone at ZenBeast Audio and by James in his bedroom. Mastered by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio. Artwork by Elizabeth Popolo.

Obverse is Matt Phillippo (Vocals) and James Davis (Drums, Guitars & Bass).

We would like to thank Derek Lamoreaux, Mac Ritchey, Chris Carter, Neil Kruszkowski, Andy Voelker, Elizabeth Popolo, Ben Phillippo, Cara Campanelli, Geo Huete, Cam Nayeri, Anthony Simone, Jic and Viki Davis, Jon Golden, Sean Kennedy and Earle Pughe.



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Obverse Carlisle, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Our Orbit
One in the same.
Ancestors grant us
the light from that stars that they became.
Astral systems
writing their infinite will to our names.

Given to faith into the unknown,
but in our time, never alone.
We transformed.
Obsessed with control, and we have shut ourselves in.

Our orbit provides us with limitless fuel to survive.

Light repulsed by layers of filth from combustion.
Photons sacrificed to increase our production.

On the same ground as the first ones,
enveloped in darkness.
Shut ourselves in this comfortable grave.

The overlords of this star trapped our minds into the short term,
encouraging the fabrication of a false atmosphere -
composition designed to bury the sky -
it rejects higher entities.

On the same ground as the first ones.
We have become pistons in engines.
We have been provided with conarium infections,
spread through our mass connection.
We have been provided with sedative explanations:

Feel not the inclination to embrace light.
Multiply our isolation.

The photon absorbed by the flesh contains instructions for removal
of our slavers.
The photon absorbed by the flesh contains instructions for the emancipation.
The photon absorbed by the flesh contains instructions for removal of reptilian overlords.
The photon absorbed by the flesh contains instructions
for quantum extraction of those who shed their skin.

Dark forces that we paid to construct a barrier
that rejects ancient entities who temper fear
manipulate genetic error to prevent the
elevation of our intrinsic frequencies.

Our orbit provides us with limitless fuel to survive.

No recollection of past lives in our perpetual haze.
Deaf to the drone of space; enveloped in darkness.
Track Name: Machine God
Born in a cave of blackened stone
Selfish and alone.
Sanctuary of the known,
Echoes of confirmational bias.
Approximation of paradise
Simulation of the afterlife

Nature is selecting against progress.
The size of our brain is proving disadvantageous.
Ignorant of our own inventions
Plugged in but disconnected.
Attempts to propagate a hive mind have been rejected.

Nature is selecting against
Fear is reversing our evolution.

De-evolve for your machine god.
Isolation born from mass connection.
Approximation of paradise: Simulation of the afterlife
Track Name: Limited Construct
Useless critic, did you try to improve me?
The words you cast on me
meant fucking nothing.
The limited construct that you orbit and praise
will shatter
in the presence
of free thought,
you ignorant fuck.

You should be forced to ingest the
waste you produce
(and absorb)
the toxins that
you put into the air.
(I inhaled)
and felt myself begin to lose faith,
until I discovered your true name,

Virgo and Aires.
Our frequencies
in tandem cease to be.

Trying to sound wiser than you ever were,
you blessed the naysayers in my head.
Scales tipped in their favor
and threatened my creations,
because I gave your words weight.

Hanging above the great abyss,
clinging to what you know.
I don't think you'll ever fall,
the difference between you and me.
Can I forgive you for the ideas
you tried to destroy?
Soon you'll that you know nothing
just like everyone else.

Can I forgive you
For the ideas you
tried to destroy?
Here, they manifest!
Soon you'll learn
you know nothing
just like
everyone else.
Track Name: Reverse Ascension
Send me back
to before my animal birth
into this decaying system of flesh.

It maintains an isolated pulse,
temple of cognitive turbulence.
Condense, descend.
Reverse ascension to a dense system
which leeches from chemical bonds.

The cleansing is incomplete.
A dark strain festers evoked by
changing surroundings.
It was always there.

Irreversible transformation has begun.
In limbo between obverse states of density.

Calling into ruined stations of old.
Wait in dead air
to hear an echo
of the ancient machine,

An oscillator set into rotation.
Providing momentum against gravity towards elevation.
I rose until I saw the ancient face
and gave into fear.
Send me back!

Dripping in a virus I cannot see.
Drowning in the tangible.
I refused a skyward transition,
accepting only dense vibrations,

Consciousness disconnected
from the still-breathing vessel.
Falsely ambulant, never vacant,
teeming with movement under skin translucent.

Human animal: annex of darkness.
Every sense infested with absence.
Spirit evicted, threshold retracted,
sealed by mortality redacted.
It was always there.
Track Name: Embrace
Born into faith which needs no
evidence of a deity.
Erasure of an ocean dreamed beyond,
disfigured atlas.
Prevention of an other-worldly bond.

If this is it then tell me why we live.
How can you not feel
the need to explore
what the infinite universe
has to give?

The stars, they call to me, life is not limited to this world,
we are the result of chemical inevitability.
What of intelligence, approaching the apex,
exponential acquisition of digital storage
in artificial memory?

If we went back to the big bang
and waited for the 14-billionith year,
would you still hear me?
I call out to the beginning of time,
"Can you hear me?"

Embrace light.

Born to disappear
and reappear.

Embrace light.